• Alexa Lanning

What Is the Perfect Gift for You?

The struggle is real. The struggle of trying to decide what gift to get for someone. The pressure is even heavier when you have to decide on a gift for your employee or client. You begin to question yourself with the excuses, "they won't like this" or "this is too expensive." Rather than panicking, what if we bought gifts with a "what gift would I like to receive" mentality?

There's no doubt that everyone loves to receive gifts, and gifting items to your best customers, employees and preferred vendors is a great way to highlight your business’s identity and values. This small act implies that you care about individual relationships. If you’re not sure how to approach business gift-giving, here are a few common corporate gifting ideas to help you get through a decision with your reputation and budget intact. Just be sure to use this rule-of-thumb when viewing your gifting options: what gift would I like to receive?

Corporate Gift Ideas

  1. Gift Cards are a safe go-to. Not requiring a lot of effort but still showing that you're thinking of them, gift cards are a reliable option to give to employees or clients. Plus, they never expire! Having gift cards that range from Amazon to American Express will give you oodles of options to choose from.

  2. Food is a favorite! At least, my favorite. Ranging from sweet treats like brittle to savory goods like cheese, food as a corporate gift is a staple that will be quickly enjoyed and leaving a lasting impression. Giving your client or employee a sweet surge that’ll help them bust through one more 2 a.m. budget proposal.

  3. Office Accessories are practical and readily available. Choosing a gift that is functional can also be fun! Look for innovative office supplies such as customized coasters or even a special coffee mug. Choosing a gift that is useful is never a poor choice.

Deciding on the perfect corporate gift has never been easier with the vast selection of products online. However, with this multitude of gift ideas comes an overwhelming sea of choices and decision making. Just remember that you do not have to choose the typical route; do what makes the most sense for your business. Figure out what gift you would like to receive if you were in their shoes. No matter the gift, your clients and employees will be will be appreciative! It is the thought that counts!

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